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OLTREMARE is an Italian Company Founded in 1989 as a distributor of chemical products and manufacturer of spiral-wound reverse osmosis elements for the field of water treatment through its technical-oriented organization.

Oltremare purifies every type of water through the production and distribution of elements for water treatment, contributing at the safeguard of the nature and water.

Oltremare can guarantee you a high quality and a technical and engineering professionality that are decisive with every your need to filtration.


Serie LOW1

High productivity and very good rejection energy-saving polyamide element

Serie LOW2

Very high rejection, good productivity energy-saving polyamide element

Serie LOW3

Excellent productivity energy-saving polyamide element

Serie LOW4

Very high productivity ultra low pressure energy-saving polyamide element

Serie BR

BR high rejection brackish water element the industry standard

Serie NANO7

Nanofiltration membrane with good rejection of TOC and organics, and medium to high salt passage

Serie NANO9

Nanofiltration element with good rejection of hardness and salt.


Better resistance to fouling and cleaning is the key to Oltremare's innovative FOUL element.

Serie SEA

Sea water treatment membranes.


Compact element module requires no pressure vessel housing.

Serie XL

The XL family comes from the idea and exclusive production capability of our company: combine the low energy and high flow element performances to an active surface never reached by a 4" element before, using the same spacer of standard 4".

Serie OLTREcap

Ultrafiltration Oltrecap elements are used to treat surface water, ground water, seawater and waste water as either primary treatment or as pretreament to reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF). It can remove colloids, suspended solids, bacteria and viruses.

Serie OLTREsub (MBR)

Oltresub elements are used for MBR applications to treat any effluent (sewage or industrial source) with a significant biological activity. Compared to conventional activated sludge treatment, MBR produces high quality permeate water suitable for RO treatment and reduces footprint eliminating...

Serie MINI

Water is essential element for human life. However, the presence of microbial and other organic contaminants present in the water we drink, may cause health risks. With the use of Oltremare's Residential RO Mini Elements, 100% of viruses and over 99% of chemical substances are removed , meaning...


Oltremare has the capability of developing and producing "custom-made" modules, both in small quantity and in a mass-production, which allows us to satisfy an even greater demand of the market.


Easy cleaning membranes

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